About me

Hi everyone! My name is Nectarios Economakis. I am happy you are here!

A bit about me:

  • My parents are Greek immigrants, I grew up in Montreal
  • I’m an avid mountain biker, skier and Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner
  • I’ve worked in technology for the past 20 years and passionate about founders/entrepreneurship / people making a dent in the world
  • Opened the Google Montreal sales office
  • Co-founded a boutique management consulting doing corporate strategy & M&A for technology and traditional clients
  • Interviewed over two hundred CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors on my podcast
  • Invested in 15+ startups

What I’m excited about now

  • Companies focused on “Tech for Good” i.e. how technology can have a positive impact on the world

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, Technology Enthusiast

Nectarios is a strategy executive with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is currently a partner at Amiral Ventures, scale-up and growth venture capital firm, managed by three VC & technology industry veterans, leading funding rounds with capital and expertise, and partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs to build the next technology flagships.

He also cofounded The PNR, a management consulting firm focused on corporate strategy and M&A.
At The PNR, Nectarios advised on several technology transactions and led the strategic planning practice. He also led the value creation practice which was employed by several institutional investment firms and pension funds. Under his leadership, the firm also created an innovative and proprietary software which was used by dozens of leadership teams and board of directors.