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Tech for Good EP#10 | Finding new water sources with Tatiana Estevez Carlucci, CEO & Founder @ Permalution

Jan 13, 2023

On this week’s show, we spoke with Tatiana Estevez Carlucci, CEO & Founder @ Permalution. Tatiana is an entrepreneurial driven individual with great fondness for community building and engagement. She is the founder of Permalution, startup busine...


Technology as a force for good

Aug 10, 2022

tech for good


Living a Boundless Life

Apr 21, 2022

One of my deepest held beliefs is that technology can be a force for good. It can only be “good” though if people actively work to shape it and ensure its positive impact. Technology by itself is neither positive nor negative, the decision lies ...


Empowering Artists

Sep 13, 2021

During the lockdown last year, I sat down to watch FounderFuel demo day where startups pitch their company to the community. It was hosted by the brilliant Katy Yam from Real Ventures. They pulled off a fantastic event despite all the restrictions i...